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Blown-in Cellulose Insulation

Most home and business owners choose loose-fill materials when insulating existing structures. We offer you blown insulation services in Flint, mi ideal for use in attics, closed walls, and other enclosed spaces.

With modern building codes requiring minimum insulation levels for home and business properties, it is important to enlist the help of professionals. Our insulation contractors in Flint, mi have years of experience working with blown-in cellulose and will have your property up to code in no time.

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Blown in Insulation Flint MI
Blown Insulation Flint MI

What is Blown-in Cellulose Insulation?

Blown-in cellulose insulation is made from wood or paper. This increasingly popular insulation material is mechanically blown into empty spaces within the structure of a building. When done correctly, blown insulation limits the transfer of hot or cold air making it easy to maintain optimal internal temperatures.

It is considered one of the most eco-friendly insulation materials and is highly flexible making it a top choice for many building contractors and property owners. Blown-in cellulose insulation is also easy to mold and fit into unusually-shaped spaces such as corners.

Benefits of Using Blown-in Cellulose Insulation in Flint, Michigan

There are numerous benefits of using blown-in cellulose insulation in your Flint, mi home.

  • Eco-Friendly
    Blown insulation is typically derived from wood and can come in the form of paper, cardboard, recycled office paper, and waste paper products. It can also be made from cellular plant sources such as sisal or corncobs.

    These materials degrade without harming the environment and are considered highly eco-friendly. They are also easier to dispose of after use.

  • Affordable
    Blown-in cellulose is made from easily available materials which makes it a cost-effective solution for home and business owners. It is also made from readily available materials which significantly reduces costs.

  • Highly Efficient
    Blown-in cellulose is up to 20% more effective than fiberglass and other traditional insulation materials. Its high levels of flexibility allow it to insulate hard-to-reach areas that fiberglass batts and rolls may not be able to reach.

  • Reduced Moisture
    When properly applied, blown insulation creates an air and moisture-proof seal which keeps it dry. This also prevents the growth of mold and mildew caused by condensation on the insulation material.

  • Soundproofing
    Blown-in cellulose insulates the smallest gaps and cracks in hard-to-reach areas which prevent air and moisture from passing through. This is also true of sound. The airtight seal mutes sound from different rooms as the materials act as a buffer creating a more peaceful and calm environment in your home.

  • Fire Protection
    Blown insulation significantly reduces the risk of fire. The airtight seal prevents air transfer effectively starving any flames of oxygen.

  • Energy Efficient
    This type of insulation prevents air and heat transfer. This makes it easier to regulate internal temperatures as no hot or cool air is lost through small cracks and gaps around the home. It also saves you money as you do not have to keep your HVAC system running constantly to maintain optimal internal temperatures.

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